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In the know with Fr. Joe: A former comedian for FOX who became a priest, Fr. Joe Krupp writes FAITH’s best-read column.
Its success is due to a mix of teaching, straight talk and humor.

Saint of the month: A lively biography of a saint whose feast is this month.

Theology 101: Elizabeth Solsburg and Doug Culp interview seminary professors and theologians to present catechetical material in a quick, easy-to-digest format.

Marriage matters: Tom and Jo Anne Fogle and our marriage matters team provide useful faith-based tips and ideas about how to strengthen marriage. This section addresses communication, finances, time and romance.

Work Life: Tim Ryan gives readers ideas about how faith plays a role in the workplace.

Parenting journey: Dr. Cathleen McGreal, a certified spiritual director and professor of psychology, bridges faith with parenting techniques.

Spiritual fitness: Fr. Bill Ashbaugh offers a reflection on the theme, and walks us through a related prayer experience or spiritual exercise.

Culture: Michelle Sessions DiFranco and our other culture columnists treat readers to our rich tradition – expressed in food, music, books and movies. FAITH’s original recipes tie in to our spiritual heritage, and taste as good as they look.

Last word: Fr. Charles Irvin, FAITH’s founding editor, provides a thought-provoking view of issues of the day.