Jun12: What did Jesus tell us about God the Father?
May12: How are we to make sense of God's justice in the Old Testament?
Mar12: Can we read the Old Testament as History? Science? Poetry? Law?
Jan12: What does the Church mean when it says that the sacred Scriptures are inspired?

Dec11: The new Roman Missal: What's changed? What hasn't?
Oct11: What will we be saying at Mass? The Communion Rite
Sep11: It is right to give God thanks and praise: The Eucharistic Prayer
Jul11: What will we be saying at Mass? Preface Dialogue, Preface and Sanctus
Jun11: What will we be praying at Mass? The presidential prayers - propers
May11: The Roman Missal: The Gloria
Apr11: The Roman Missal: The Penitential Act
Mar11: What will we be saying differently at Mass?
Jan11: Translating the Roman Missal

Dec10: The history of liturgical books - Part II
Nov10: The history of liturgical books
Oct10: Why do we do that at Mass? The order of the Mass
Jul10: With hearts and hands and voices
Jun10: Singing at liturgy - what is sung liturgy?
May10: A different way to track time - the liturgical year (part 2)
Apr10: Same Mass - new words What is liturgy? (part 1)
Mar10: How can you know what the Bible really means?
Jan10: Are the Sacred Scriptures are inspired?

Dec09: How would you explain theology to a teenager?
Nov09: What can we learn from the universal church?
Oct09: Why do we have deacons?
Jul09: What was the Second Vatican Council really like?
Jun09: How priests' lives are changing
May09: Who is Jesus? Everything depends on your answer
Apr09: How would you explain theology to a teenager?
Mar09: Pray alone or together?
Jan09: Why do we need the church?

Dec08: Did God create evil?
Oct08: Are we really free or is life predetermined?
Jun08: What is the difference between liturgy and devotions? why do we need both?
Jun08: Why did Jesus heal some and not others?
May08: Is it God's fault? How does God influence?
Mar08: What does it mean for God to create?

Oct07: Why does Jesus always refer to himself as the Son of Man, rather than the Son of God?
Jul07: What is the difference between Jesus and Christ? How is he human? How is he divine?
Jun07: Jesus as the Word. Why is that one of his titles?
May07: Exactly how is Jesus in the Eucharist? How is he present?
Apr07: What was Jesus really like after the Resurrection?
Mar07: What did Jesus know? Did Jesus know he would die?
Jan07: Did Jesus just appear human? Could he really have sinned?

Nov06: Liturgy: Part 8
Oct06: Liturgy: Part 7
Jul06: Liturgy: Part 6
Jun06: Liturgy: Part 5
May06: Liturgy: Part 4
Apr06: Liturgy: Part 3
Mar06: Liturgy: Part 2
Jan06: Liturgy: Part 1

Dec05: Mike and Linda talk in their own words about being lay missionaries
Nov05: The call to lay ecclesial ministry
Oct05: The road less traveled
Jul05: Vocations Part 4: God's quiet call to the consecrated life. How Sr. Carla responded.
Jun05: Vocations Part 3: Ordained to serve - a deacon's call meet Dcn. Dave Barrett
Apr05: Vocations Part 2: Heart and Soul
Jan05: Vocations Part 1: What does God want me to do with my life?

Nov04: Vatican II Part 8: Have you ever stopped to consider questions such as, Who are we?
Oct04: Vatican II Part 7: A look at the Mass why it's the source and summit of our faith
Jul04: Vatican II Part 6: Sacrosanctum Concilium: Part 1
Jun04: Vatican II Part 5: Looking at the Church a visible and invisible reality
May04: Vatican II Part 4: There's something about Mary
Apr04: Vatican II Part 3: Dei Verbum, Part 2
Mar04: Vatican II Part 2: Dei Verbum, Part 1 of 2
Jan04: Vatican II Part 1: The Legacy of Popes John and Paul: Second Vatican Council

Dec03: The creed Part 8: What do we believe about the Catholic Church and communion of saints?
Nov03: What do we believe about the Holy Spirit?
Sep03: Top 5 ways God is evident in our history
Jul03: The creed Part 6: What do we believe about Jesus Christ ?
Jun03: The creed Part 5: What do we believe about Jesus Christ?
May03: The creed Part 4: What do we believe about Jesus Christ suffering, dying and being buried?
Apr03: The creed Part 3: What do we believe about Jesus Christ born of the Virgin Mary?
Mar03: The creed Part 2: Why we believe in one God maker of heaven and earth?
Jan03: The creed Part 1: What do we believe?

Dec02: What is the difference between liturgy and devotions?
Nov02: Sacraments Part 7: Anointing of the Sick
Oct02: Sacraments Part 6: Matrimony
Jul02: Sacraments Part 5: Holy Orders
May02: Sacraments Part 4: Confirmation
Apr02: Sacraments Part 3: Eucharist
Mar02: Sacraments Part 2: Reconciliation
Feb02: Sacraments Part 1: Baptism
Jan02: Sacraments: What does 'sacrament' really mean?

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