Spiritual Fitness

Jun12: How do we have hope?
May12: Let the Holy Spirit radically change your life
Apr12: Mercy abides in all times of strife
Mar12: How to choose God's way
Jan12: Why we all need mercy

Dec11: Bow down: The meaning of the Christmas creche
Oct11: Too 'connected' to connect?
Sep11: Is God telling you 'Enough!?'
Jul11: Forget not love
Jun11: Divine mercy how to accept God's forgiveness
May11: How can we be more like Mary?
Apr11: The touch of the Master's hand
Mar11: Don't let your emotions rule you
Jan11: Why should you forgive?

Dec10: The Lord is coming
Nov10: If you want to be great you must be a servant
Oct10: Praying with the saints of autumn
Jun10: Celebrating the feasts of summer
Apr10: Do you have the faith of Mary Magdalen? Or doubting Thomas?
Mar10: 4 steps to a humble heart
Jan10: Where there is love, nothing else matters

Dec09: 4 exercises for the 4 Sundays of Advent
Nov09: New Year in November? Making Christ the King of your life
Oct09: Whoever wants to be great must be a servant
Sep09: How to calm the storms in your life
Jul09: how Jesus can banish your fear
May09: Who are we - in Christ?
Apr09: Talking back to the devil
Mar09: Close to Christ?
Feb09: The road to hope
Jan09: 15 minutes a day - how do I make Scripture part of my everyday life?

Sep08: Oh, no! I gotta go!
Jun08: Freedom in Forgiveness
Mar08: How to pray like a monk

Dec07: The battle for peace
Nov07: How to handle road rage
Oct07: How kindness can overcome evil
Sep07: What am I going to do with my life?
Jun07: Let the river of generosity run through you
May07: Chastity
Apr07: "You make me want to shout!"
Mar07: Penance
Jan07: Is God punishing me?

Nov06: The death of grief
Oct06: Anxious and afraid?
Sep06: In a chat room with God
Jul06: Take up your cross and follow me
Jun06: heads I go north, tails I go south
May06: Closing the door of ignorance
Apr06: Freedom in forgiveness
Mar06: white martyrdom
Jan06: Franciscan Spirituality - to become the Good News of Jesus Christ

Dec05: Do I need a conversion? Why we all need a change of heart
Dec05: As an adult Catholic do I need a conversion?
Nov05: Being peeled to be healed
Oct05: Are you fighting the good fight?
Sep05: Sex or love?
Jul05: Life's ordinary miracles
Jun05: Eucharistic spirituality
May05: Living a life of Eucharistic spirituality
Apr05: Does prayer really work? The personal and physical benefits of prayer
Apr05: Does prayer really work?

Oct04: How to give God the best - not the leftovers
Sep04: What video games and the Mass have in common
Jul04: Spiritual progress through purity
Jun04: Ridding our hearts of revenge
May04: Praying for others: why do we do it? how do we do it?
Apr04: Holy rest for the restless
Apr04: Back to spiritual basics
Mar04: Reverence in prayer the cross and the name of God
Jan04: Be honest: do you live life realizing that you need God?

Nov03: How to overcome anxiety
Jul03: How to win the battle against sexual sin and addiction
Jun03: Why pray the chaplet of Divine Mercy now?
May03: Gift of peace: the gift of Shalom!
Apr03: How can an all-powerful God be humble?
Mar03: What can we learn about coping with sorrow from the mother of Jesus
Jan03: Free yourself from your posessions
Jan03: Free yourself from your possessions

Dec02: Praying in the style of Mary - reflecting on God's Word: Lectio Divina
Nov02: What my Grandmother taught me about suffering
Oct02: how to recommit to God and each other
Oct02: Couples wedding shower
Sep02: 2 ways for your music to tune you into God
Jul02: 5 steps to find out where God is leading you in life
May02: 3 ways to "know thyself"
Apr02: 3 ways to increase your hunger for heavenly food
Mar02: Steps to ease your conscience and care for your soul
Jan02: 4 passages that can wipe away spiritual amnesia
Jan02: 4 Passages That Can Wipe Away Spiritual Amnesia

Oct01: Remedies for unhealthy friendships
Sep01: 4 things that make breaking up more difficult
Jul01: Are you living to work? Or working to live?
May01: What praying for the dead does for the living
Apr01: He entered into the battle for his own soul
Mar01: Eastern spirituality: Catholic style
Feb01: God is a refuge and strength
Jan01: Balance is a word that is very important for our spiritual health.
Jan01: What is the Bible?

Dec00: 5 Senses of Peace and Quiet
Nov00: What does the Gospel say about conflict?
Oct00: Feeling Stressed Out?!?
Jul00: Serve God
Feb00: On Assignment - Your Marriage
Jan00: Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit

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