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Jun12: Passing on the faith
Mar12: Spring cleaning for the soul

Dec11: Advent is my favorite time of year
Oct11: Never too young to care
Sep11: We stand on the shoulders of giants
Jul11: Summer a time to reflect, a time to plan
May11: Editing in the age of technology
Apr11: The people behind the scenes
Mar11: How will we be remembered?
Jan11: A time of change - a time of renewal

Dec10: Faith can make your marriage stronger
Nov10: What I learned from the ‘man who spoke in pictures’
Oct10: A personal thanks for the gift of life and the gift of family
Sep10: We can learn a lot from teens!
Jul10: We all have one thing in common: God calls
Jun10: Rest, relaxation and time to spend with God
May10: Teaching in the lay ministry formation program
Mar10: A gift brought back to life
Jan10: Is it Lent again already?

Dec09: … our journey in FAITH continues
Nov09: Finding faith in unexpected places
Oct09: A fresh start in times of darkness
Sep09: What's really in the news - teens who give back
Jul09: There may not always be curing but there is always healing
Jun09: Lives full of joy: Theresa, Virginia and Paul
Apr09: What can we learn about ourselves from the current financial crisis?
Mar09: Strangers in a strange land
Jan09: 'And the greatest of these is love."

Dec08: Dear Mom and Dad - thank you for the gift of my vocation
Nov08: Dear Fathers ...
Sep08: Change can be exciting
Jul08: Forgiving but not forgetting
Apr08: Caught in the middle
Jan08: Being Catholic in Michigan

Dec07: "Have a good Advent"
Nov07: How do we change?
Oct07: The long climb out of hell
Sep07: What happens when you ask teens to be honest
Jul07: Wow! My first decade as a priest
Jun07: The love of Christ urges us on
May07: Called to commit
Apr07: Joy! We need to know how to find it
Mar07: "I know where she is"
Jan07: Healing a marriage

Nov06: My very quiet neighbors
Oct06: Let go and let God
Sep06: Faith, hope and love
Jul06: My parents' rocking chair
Jun06: Zapped by God?
May06: A teacher's lessons
Apr06: visiting those in prison
Mar06: Bertha's gentle soul
Jan06: Meeting Jesus in our neighbors

Dec05: God's gentle invitation called me home
Nov05: God's promise of wholeness
Oct05: For all our many blessings let us give thanks
Sep05: Our search for understanding
Jul05: The selflessness of true freedom
Jun05: What will he be like?
Apr05: On vacation with God
Jan05: Where has the time gone?

Oct04: What seems to be ours
Sep04: The need for you to love yourself
Jul04: Many blessings flow
Jun04: See all issues of life with new clarity
May04: A beautiful dance
Apr04: We are meant to be human be-ings
Mar04: True to His name: God is with us
Jan04: surrendering my will

Nov03: Making peace
Oct03: We mourn a good priest, good bishop, good shepherd and a good friend
Sep03: What's on the minds of teens?
Jul03: Searching for God's love?
Jun03: Unexpected events bring unanticipated blessings
May03: Hunger and thirst often exceeds the need for food and water
Apr03: The quiet gift of new life
Mar03: Walking with someone who mourns can be the richest moment in life
Jan03: A spirit of poverty means remembering our dependence on God

Dec02: Counting our blessings in the face of difficulty
Nov02: Difficult times can open us up to beautiful moments
Oct02: Every couple that gets married makes history
Sep02: When a door closes, God opens a window
Jul02: With all our heart
May02: Our willingness to devote our lives
Apr02: "I finally got Him!"
Mar02: Sharing God's compassionate forgiveness
Jan02: Richly blessed by family and faith

Oct01: My favorite time of year
Sep01: You are the future and the present
Jul01: How to be a child of God
May01: I leave with a heart full of love
Apr01: Who can be saved?
Mar01: Unity with diversity
Feb01: We share a lot in faith
Jan01: A theory about truth

Dec00: Receiving God's gift
Nov00: A Church of conflict and beauty
Oct00: What growing up is all about
Jul00: The source of our rights
May00: The adventure that is FAITH
Apr00: Loving with all your life
Feb00: We are people who belong

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