Marriage Matters

Jun12: "I am tired of arguing about politics!" - "Then what do we Talk about?"
May12: "I don't want to call my mother-in-law Mom.' " "My mom loves her - what's the problem?"
Apr12: "My brother-in-law is having an affair. I want to tell my sister."
Mar12: "I want my wife to come to Mass with me." "I am not a Catholic."
Jan12: "My kids aren't being treated fairly in our marriage." "I made promises about money to my late wife"

Dec11: "I don't want my son raised by a stranger." "I love my job."
Oct11: "His ex-wife calls once a week!" "We need to talk about our kids!"
Jul11: "My wife's stepmom should take care of her husband" "My stepmother is neglecting dad. I want him to move in with us"
Jun11: "My house isn't my own." - "She needs to accept my past."
May11: "Smoking is a deal-breaker." - "Marriage shouldn't have deal-breakers."
Apr11: It's my turn to be Mommy - The kids just need time.
Mar11: I dread family holidays - I do all the work.
Jan11: "He wants my e-mail password - that's private!"

Dec10: Our 15-year-old is pregnant – we need to help her raise the baby.
Nov10: "I caught him 'chatting' online to another woman"
Oct10: He's gained weight and I'm not attracted to him anymore.
Jul10: I'm afraid my husband is an alcoholic
Jun10: We got married too young – I want to try the single life.
May10: I hate not being the breadwinner
Mar10: He needs to find a job
Jan10: I can't stand our daughter-in-law.

Dec09: I love my wife, but my stepson has to go!
Nov09: I think she's having an affair with a co-worker
Oct09: Our faith should be the most important thing in our lives
Jul09: She says: His big mouth embarrasses me. He says: Get over it
Jun09: Her mom needs to go to a nursing home
May09: He wants to run our home like a military unit
Apr09: We agreed to use "the Pill"
Mar09: She treats "our" child better than "my" child
Jan09: We had a baby and I lost my wife! - He's acting like a baby himself

Dec08: We're going to Paris, let's plan! - Can't we just 'wing it'?
Nov08: She's having an affair
Oct08: Our toddler belongs at Sunday Mass! - He's too lively and distracting.
Sep08: Our parished closed, where should we go?
Jul08: Mass is important to our family, It's not important to me
Apr08: She's married to her job, I'm just dedicated
Mar08: She says: I am so depressed, He says: Snap out of it

Dec07: It's my money, I thought we shared everything
Nov07: We're retired - it's time to chuck it in and travel
Oct07: He flirts with other women
Jul07: We've already raised our children - it's not our turn
Jun07: I want my mother to move in
May07: When we're on vacation, I want to see all the sights!
Apr07: He doesn't know how to dress right without my help
Mar07: I don't want to support her deadbeat relatives
Jan07: The romance has fizzled, He may be right

Nov06: His kids get more than mine, My kids don't get enough
Oct06: I want more romance, I'm too tired
Jul06: I should be number one!, But she's my mother!
Jun06: Why should I work?, He's irresponsible
May06: It's normal, No it's porn
Apr06: He wants to risk it all for a new business, she wants to play it safe
Mar06: He's lazy, She's a nag
Jan06: He's frugal, She's a spender

Nov05: Take time for a family meeting to plan some fun!
Oct05: It's about time to savor the sunset
Jul05: Share your daily commute
Jun05: Love can be lovelier the second time around
May05: Four steps to a closer relationship?
Apr05: 5 ways to balance time as a couple
Jan05: Take 10 minutes to talk

Oct04: Spending and giving
Jul04: Giving the gift of self
Jun04: Learning good communication
May04: Turn chores into time together
Apr04: No time for prayer? Do it first
Mar04: What are your needs and dreams?
Jan04: Is your marriage a priority?

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