Last Word

Jun12: Faith is reasonable
May12: How should we be generous?
Apr12: Justice needs mercy
Mar12: What do we mean by 'justice'?
Jan12: What is courage?

Dec11: The birth of a child
Sep11: Lay ministers responding to God's call
Jul11: What is God calling me to be? A step-by-step guide to discernment
Jun11: Do you give the most important gift - time?
May11: The wedding feast of the Lamb
Apr11: God gave you gifts - what are you going to do with them?
Mar11: How do we encourage each other to participate in the Church?
Jan11: How much do you know about what you believe?
Jan11: A joyous home blessing

Dec10: The difference between happiness and true joy
Nov10: Accepting loss
Sep10: Why is the DYLC so important?
Jul10: My vocation as a priest
Jun10: What does an engaged parish look like?
May10: What is Catholic Education?
Apr10: What does it mean to evangelize?
Mar10: What's a steward? Are you one?

Dec09: From one magazine to America's fastest-growing Catholic publisher
Oct09: A year for priests - please pray for all of us
Sep09: Dear teens...
Jun09: St. Paul The Catholic Apostle
Mar09: The faith's most famous convert - Saul became St. Paul
Jan09: Light in Darkness

Nov08: St. Paul a reformed bully
Oct08: Dear Student - Where's God in your life?
Sep08: Theology of change
Jul08: Can we feel safe?
May08: Will the real baby boomer please stand up?
Mar08: The Greatest Generation - at home
Jan08: Why should we care about our history?

Dec07: Peace In Our Time
Nov07: Patient suffering
Jul07: "Love one another as I have loved you."
Jun07: The power of generosity
Apr07: Pleasure, happiness, joy
Mar07: Let go and let God
Jan07: Stem cell research

Nov06: Heaven, purgatory, hell
Oct06: Don't worry - be happy
Sep06: To wish, to hope - what's the difference?
Jul06: "Vengeance is mine," says the Lord
May06: Faith or reason?
Apr06: Saying goodbye to my mother

Dec05: I was baptized
Nov05: Hurricane Katrina
Oct05: Where does evil come from?
Sep05: Top 10 reasons to join a youth group
Jul05: Joseph's miracle at Lourdes
Jun05: A baroque pope?
Apr05: Natural law
Jan05: Retired yet active

Oct04: Stealing: More going on than meets the eye
Jul04: Purity of the body is grounded in purity of the soul
Jun04: Does human life belong to us or God?
May04: How I honor my parents
Apr04: The Sabbath
Mar04: Use the Lord's name: as you would the name of a loved one
Jan04: Walk with me to find yourself

Nov03: Peacemaking is not an easy task
Sep03: How to make major life decisions
Jul03: Purity of heart and the 6th Commandment
Jun03: What side of the Lord do you stand on?
May03: Our hunger and thirst for righteousness
Apr03: Why meekness doesn't mean weakness
Mar03: Why the beatitudes are a guide to happiness
Jan03: Who are the 'poor' who will inherit the Kingdom?

Dec02: Remembering a forgotten devotion
Oct02: Why true love waits
Sep02: An open letter to teenagers
Jul02: Families and vocations
May02: The local effects of Pentecost
Apr02: Ethnic parishes help keep faith alive for those in a new world
Mar02: My most powerful and beautiful experience of reconciliation
Jan02: Are you saved?

Oct01: What my sisters mean to me
Sep01: Tapping into a yearning and fulfilling it. That's youth ministry.
Jul01: How is retirement going?
May01: My experience of having cancer
Apr01: Did Jesus Really Descend into Hell?
Mar01: Embracing other rites
Feb01: Ecumenical experiences

Dec00: Our Reason for celebration
Nov00: Holiday Time, Family Time
Oct00: A Word to the Youth of the Church
Jul00: Our American Rights
May00: Where Are You Going?
Apr00: Eternal Easter Visions
Jan00: Old Janus and a New Year - looking both ahead and behind

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