In the Know with Fr Joe

Jun12: How do I evangelize?
May12: Dear Fr. Joe: What do you have to do to be excommunicated?
Apr12: Why is the Church refusing to pay for birth control?
Mar12: Dear Fr. Joe: What do I say when people ask, 'Are Catholics really Christian?'
Jan12: How do I report liturgical abuse?

Dec11: Why don't parents take their crying babies out of Mass?
Oct11: What do I say when someone dies?
Sep11: What happens inside the confessional?
Jul11: How do I go to confession?
Jun11: What exactly are the principlesof social justice?
May11: What is social justice?
Apr11: Is adoration idolatry?
Mar11: Why do we have to sing everything at Mass?
Jan11: Is it OK to parish shop?

Dec10: Mom doesn't want life support is that OK?
Nov10: Why won't our pastor bless children?
Oct10: How does the pope pick his name?
Sep10: What does it mean to be a practicing Catholic?
Jul10: Why can't I go to Communion if I've committed a mortal sin?
Jun10: Is there one 'right' way to receive Communion?
May10: Is it OK to believe in space aliens?
Apr10: I don't like my pastor. What do I do?
Mar10: If God forgives, why confess to a priest?
Jan10: Is the world ending in 2012?

Dec09: What's proper etiquette at Mass?
Nov09: How can I convince my kids that going to Mass is not about being entertained?
Oct09: What is a practicing Catholic?
Sep09: Was there really a Pope Joan?
Jul09: Does God know what we are going to do before we do it?
Jun09: If God knows everything, what is the point of free will?
May09: Why do we pray to saints?
Apr09: Why do we pray for the dead?
Mar09: What is purgatory?
Jan09: What does it mean to be 'saved'?

Dec08: Can Catholics be orthodox?
Nov08: Can I be a politician and a Catholic?
Oct08: Don't the scandals mean that priests should not be celibate?
Sep08: My parish is changing now what?
Aug08: How do we deal with a divorce in the family?
Jul08: Catholic school or going back to work? What do I do?
Jun08: If I don't like my priest, can I switch parishes?
Apr08: Is it a sin to join the military if the war is unjust?
Mar08: Do people go right to heaven or wait until the end of time?

Dec07: What does the church teach about Ouija boards?
Nov07: What happened to limbo?
Oct07: Is it a sin to work on Sunday?
Sep07: Where did we get all the angel stories?
Jul07: What's with the Gospel of Judas?
Jun07: What's the difference between mortal and venial sins?
May07: Who wrote the Bible?
Apr07: What is the role of conscience?
Mar07: What are the rules about eating before Communion?
Jan07: Where did we get the concept of purgatory?

Dec06: How does the church pick bishops?
Nov06: Is cremation okay?
Oct06: Do I give to the panhandler?
Sep06: What do I do if a friend is suicidal?
Jun06: I know this couple is living in sin. Who should I tell?
May06: What's up with The DaVinci Code?
Apr06: Where was Jesus' soul while he was in the tomb?
Mar06: forgive and forget?
Jan06: Did Jesus own the coat he wore?

Dec05: Do I need to convert? I'm already Catholic.
Nov05: What is the difference between TV evangelists and the sacrament of anointing of the sick?
Oct05: Dear Fr. Joe: does God make evil?
Sep05: Dear Fr. Joe: how do I deal with jealousy?
Jul05: Why doesn't God answer my prayer?
Jun05: Why do we need a pope anyway?
Apr05: Can Catholics believe in evolution?
Jan05: Are all religions 'right' and is the host really Jesus' flesh?

Oct04: Is it OK to steal from Bill Gates?
Sep04: Did Jesus ever talk about sex? Are the rules man-made?
Jul04: Why is it wrong for a couple to live together and 'try out' marriage?
Jun04: Are cremation and organ donation OK?
May04: Am I failing to honor my mother by putting her in a nursing home?
Apr04: What are the 'Gnostic gospels'?
Mar04: Is there truth to the book The Da Vinci Code?
Jan04: Do Catholics only have 9 commandments?

Nov03: How do I form a well-developed conscience?
Sep03: Quick answers you can use to defend your faith
Jul03: What can I do to keep my child pure?
Jun03: Why are they changing the Mass?
May03: What gives the church authority to tell us what's right and wrong?
Apr03: What kind of pride is sinful?
Mar03: Are there saints we don't celebrate? If so, why not?
Jan03: Did Jesus have any brothers or sisters?

Dec02: Because of all our devotions, some say our faith is too complicated?
Nov02: Why is the Church against euthanasia?
Oct02: Why does the Church require nine months preparation before marriage?
Sep02: My parents don't want me to hang out with some friends, what should I do?
Jul02: Why does the Church require priests to be celibate?
May02: When priests sin, are they judged more harshly by God?
Apr02: Why is the tabernacle off to the side from the main sanctuary?
Mar02: What is the problem with general absolution?
Jan02: I can't get my grandson to come to church. What should I do?

Oct01: My brother says he is no longer Catholic, what should I do?
Sep01: Can I believe in Wicca and still be Catholic?
Jul01: I have to work on Sunday - am I sinning?
May01: What happens to us when we die? Do we believe in reincarnation?
Apr01: Why do we believe in heaven, hell and purgatory if they aren't in the Bible?
Mar01: Why do non-Catholics say the Creed? What's up with that?
Feb01: Can only Catholics get into heaven?
Jan01: What is the deal with God in science?

Dec00: Christmas recalls the day of Jesus' birth
Nov00: Why should I go to a celibate priest for help when my marriage is in trouble?
Oct00: What is Confirmation?
Jul00: I am a divorced Catholic, can I receive holy communion?
May00: Make faithfulness our goal
Apr00: Why did Jesus have to die?
Feb00: The great question: So what?
Jan00: I'm honored and will do my best

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