Saint of the Month

Jun12: St. Justin philosopher and martyr
May12: St. Philip Neri The Patron Saint of U.S. Special Forces
Apr12: St. Julie The patron saint against illness and disease
Mar12: St. Joseph husband of Mary
Jan12: St. Basil T. Gennara from a family of saints

Jul11: St. Clare the patron saint of television
Jun11: St. Irenaeus He helped decide what books went in the Bible
May11: St. Athanasius, The great defender of the faith
Apr11: St. Crescentia Hoess 'finding yourself' by finding God
Mar11: St. Patrick the cross-cultural saint

Sep10: St. Dominic, the boy saint
Jul10: St. Ignatius of Loyola
Jun10: St. Vigilius of Trent
May10: Saint Florian of Lorch
Apr10: St. Peter Chanel
Mar10: A 'pearl' of great value – St. Margaret Clitherow
Jan10: A teacher of women St. Angela Merici

Nov09: From bread to roses Saint Elizabeth of Hungary
Oct09: Blessed Mary Angela Truszkowska
Jul09: St. Joseph Cupertino
Jun09: Saint Boniface
May09: Saint Hilary of Arles
Apr09: The angel of judgment - Saint Vincent Ferrer
Mar09: The peacemaker - Saint Casimir
Jan09: "Mary of the Gaels" Saint Brigid

Dec08: Giving light to the blind - St. Lucy
Nov08: Blessed Pauline von Mallinckrodt
Nov08: Andrew the Apostle
Oct08: The pirate-fighting saint
Jul08: St. Bridget
Apr08: Do drinking and woodworking mix?
Jan08: Blessed Isabel of France

Dec07: Who is the Immaculate Conception?
Nov07: Tortured on a wheel
Oct07: From wealthy nobleman to servant of God
Sep07: St. Therese of Lisieux
Jul07: Saint Rose of Lima
Jun07: Saint Romuald
May07: Who's the real patron saint of travelers?
Apr07: Saint Guthlac of Mercia
Mar07: Saint Frances of Rome
Jan07: Saint Sebastian

Nov06: St. Peter Wu Gousheng
Oct06: St. Philip of Moscow
Sep06: St. Maria forgave her attacker
Jul06: Ss. Joachim and Anne
Jun06: Blessed Mary Elizabeth Hesselblad
May06: St. Bernardine of Siena
Apr06: St. Isidore, schoolmaster of the Middle Ages
Mar06: St. Colette helped reform the Poor Clares
Jan06: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Dec05: St. Peter Canisius wrote a catechism
Nov05: Blessed Eugene Bossilkov, arrested as a Catholic subversive
Oct05: St. Mary Bertilla Boscardin took care of the sick
Sep05: St. Peter Claver a minister to slaves
Jul05: St. Edmund Arrowsmith
Jun05: St. Germaine
Apr05: St. Gemma Galgani
Jan05: A former soldier turned priest

Oct04: St. Callistus
Sep04: St. John Bosco
Jul04: Blessed Peter
Jun04: St. Aloysius Gonzaga
May04: Blessed Rose Venerini
Apr04: St. Julie Billiart
Mar04: Perpetua and Felicity
Jan04: St. Adrian was so humble he passed on a promotion

Nov03: St. Andrew Dung-Lac and the martyrs under a Vietnamese Nero
Sep03: St. Therese of Lisieux and St. Stanislaus Kostka
Jul03: Worried about spouse, kids?
Jun03: St. Charles
May03: James the Lesser?
Apr03: St. Catherine of Siena
Mar03: Why is St. Joseph the patron of a happy death?
Jan03: No one believed the poor peasant girl: St. Bernadette

Dec02: They even tried to take out her eyes: St. Lucy's story
Nov02: St. Margaret brought Scotland to a new level
Oct02: Guardian angels: fad, fiction or faithful helpers?
Sep02: Patron saint of girl power: Joan of Arc
Jul02: Junipero Serra
May02: St. Thomas More - a man for all seasons
Mar02: St. Katharine from riches to rags
Jan02: St. Thomas Aquinas

Oct01: The story of St. Isaac Jogues, one of the first martyrs of America
Sep01: St. Michael defend us
Jul01: Saints for work and play
May01: In the know about St. Joe
Apr01: St. Peter Chanel and the Cannibals of Oceania
Mar01: St. Abraham Kidunaia: the runaway groom
Feb01: There's more to St. Blase than candles
Jan01: Patron Saint of Disputed Elections?

Dec00: The St. Nick you never knew
Nov00: Overcoming conflict with charity
Feb00: St. Valentine

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