Jun12: Faith the size of a mustard seed potato salad
May12: Growing in faith
Apr12: Sweet mercy
Mar12: Meatless Variety
Jan12: Poletown pierogies

Dec11: A light for us all
Oct11: Eat and be Mary
Jul11: A feast fit for a priest
Jun11: A blessing for the home
May11: The dish on working together
Apr11: A Polish Easter
Mar11: Remembering a shepherd
Jan11: What I learned from a pretzel

Dec10: Make this Advent centerpiece
Oct10: Once upon a time. Make this vintage-style clock
Jun10: Sundae School - Ultimate ice cream sundae pie
May10: From recliner to remembering
Apr10: Will evangelize for food
Mar10: Managing God's Gifts – a stewardship journal
Jan10: Got milk? Got a date? Tres Leches Cake

Dec09: Starry Night Christmas Punch
Nov09: Make leftovers gourmet rice and potato soup
Jun09: Lebanese-style salad
Apr09: Jesus vs. the Easter Bunny
Jan09: From fat to frugal - Mardi Gras dip

Dec08: Christmas recycled - what to do with all those cards
Jun08: soup that's a work of art -- one of God's simple blessings.
Mar08: Frame of faith
Jan08: Irish roots

Dec07: cathedral cookies for Christmas. windows of peace.
Nov07: Discover this traditional potato cake from the Emerald Isle
Oct07: A tisket, a tasket a spiritual lift in a gift basket.
Jul07: Good-cheer smoothie
Jun07: St. Peter's Fish pronto
May07: Imagery that's good
Mar07: Hearty soup to honor a strong man
Jan07: Points in heaven versus pounds on hips

Nov06: A Candle for Remembering
Oct06: Thank you for that really important gift
Jul06: Light up your summer nights with Luminaria
May06: Meatloaf? Grilled Cheese? Maybe or maybe it's a miracle!
Apr06: Soup for the soul

Dec05: A tasty tradition
Oct05: Fighting evil with prayer
Sep05: What would Jesus eat?

Dec04: Shoes for St. Nick - this children's craft reminds us all of the saint behind Santa Claus
Jun04: Dresser ministry
May04: Mother's Day devotion
Apr04: Flowers of faith
Mar04: Meatless meals
Jan04: Prayer nook

Dec03: nativity sets: Collecting creches can be a cultural, artistic, and religious experience
Nov03: Blessed biscotti
Jun03: The legend of St. Anthony's Bread
Apr03: Hot cross buns and Easter egg bread - Easter favorites
Mar03: St. Joseph's table
Jan03: Christmas isn't over: celebrate Epiphany

Dec02: How to make a rosary out of roses
Nov02: Comfort food
May02: Flaming foods put us in the spirit of the Holy Spirit
Apr02: The simple act of making and breaking bread
Mar02: Palm Weaving
Jan02: Christening customs

Oct01: Family tree tips - rooted in faith
Jul01: Loading up then open up
May01: Souvenirs of sanctity
Apr01: Passover seder - a great way to connect o Jesus' story
Mar01: Take a coffee break that really revives
Feb01: Tomorrow, we fast - today, we eat
Jan01: Celebrate your second birthday every year

Dec00: How candles, cookies and closeness can add up to Christmas
Nov00: Three family favorites - one common ingredient - Tradition
Oct00: Wear your faith
Jul00: The eternal flame of summer - grilling
May00: Potted perennials with a purpose
Apr00: A basket of blessings

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